06/03/2024 – City Projects management committee have agreed to close the organisation, and give formal notice of this intention to the public. Thank you to all the artists, contributors and partners for making all the works possible. 



City Projects commissions and produces Artists’ Moving Image projects with artists which respond critically to their social and political context. We provide a supportive space for artists and work with them from the early stages of a project, to develop a proposal, raise funds and to produce the work. 

Projects include Solidarity (2019) by Lucy Parker, a film about blacklisting in the construction industry; Piercing Brightness Soundtrack (2013), a soundtrack to the film by Shezad Dawood, released on vinyl; Tenant (2012) by Grace Schwindt, a film which examines modes of interpretation through carefully choreographed movement studies; The Empty Plan (2011) by Anja Kirschner & David Panos, which looks at theory and practice in the work of Bertolt Brecht; and Fulll Firearms (2011) by Emily Wardill, a melodrama based on the story of Sarah Winchester, which touches on themes of displacement and storytelling. 

Projects have been made in partnership with Film London, Serpentine Gallery, Collective Gallery (Edinburgh), Badischer Kunstverein (Karlsruhe, Germany), Filmhuset (Norway); Focal Point Gallery (Southend); Staatsgalerie (Stuttgart), Kunsthall Oslo and MuHKA (Antwerp) and shown widely at major galleries and museums. The organisation aims to remain small and independent, working with partners on a project-by-project basis. 

In 2019 we published ‘Politics of Production’, a report written by artist Dan Ward which critically examines the conditions for production of Artists’ Moving Image (available in the website’s ‘news’ section, and with limited hard copies). Kate Parker’s report ‘The Conditions for Artists’ Moving Image Production in London Today (2016) was also released (digitally) in 2019. This report reflects on many of the works she has produced for City Projects. It is also available to download in the ‘news’ section of the website.


City Projects was formed in 2003, by curator Dan Kidner and producer Kate Parker. Dan directed the organisation from 2003 until until 2011 when he left the organisation to direct Picture This. Kate Parker continued as Director until 2018 when she removed the post, but continued to produce the works. City Projects is now run by its voluntary management committee Kate Parker (Secretary, 2003-), Louise Shelley (Treasurer, 2018-) and Dan Ward (Chair, 2020-).

Previous board members include Andrew Hunt (2004-6), Nigel Wilkinson (2004-2014), Stephe Beasley (2006 – 2018), Kate Anderson (2014-2018), Laura Gannon (2018-19), Fani Arampatzidou (2018-2021), Taylor Le Melle (2019-21).

City Projects (London) Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, registration No. 29667R. HMRC charity reference number EW41054.